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Al Hastings '42

Al Hastings '42
“Alfred Brown Hastings Jr….we came to know him very well. In fact, part of the time he lived in my home. I feel that I can speak with full knowledge. I consider Hastings an exceedingly fine character, dependable, trustworthy and conscientious. I am sure he is thoroughly loyal…He comes from one of our old families who have always stood for the best things in our national life. He is a boy of ability and I feel sure will measure up to any trust paced upon him.” – Thompson Webb, April 2, 1943

Al Hastings did show himself to be a “boy of ability.” He left Webb in 1942, graduated Pomona College in 1947, and went on to lead a very successful professional career in the field of insurance, while having a rich family life as well. He did everything that Thompson Webb predicted. He measured up to the trust placed in him.

Following graduation from Webb School of California in 1942, Al Hastings stayed close and remained active in the life of Webb. He was involved with nearly every aspect of campus life, from alumni and development work to building and grounds. Remarkably, he was also one of the earliest champions of Vivian Webb School, as well as past chairman of the board. History will bear out no finer champion of the traditions and inspirations of all that is Webb.

It is fitting that Al Hastings, found yet another way to express his fondness and support for Webb. A charitable gift annuity enabled Al to make a significant long-term gift to Webb while also providing for himself and his family.

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